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Since 2004, at JOSYTAL we have been building information management software. Our software are simplified solutions with multi-user capability used daily by thousands of home and business owners and also by many individuals to enhance productivity and automate many routine tasks. The list includes:

Business / Personal Contact management software, Tasks and schedules organizer, E-mailing list compiler, E-mail marketing software, clients, customers database management software, Software for small and medium businesses, Form filler, Website Marketing Tools, Web Forms Generator, Labels & Barcodes Design and Printing Software.

All our applications are multi-user enabled for personal, home, small and medium business and come in two versions: Web-based (Online) and Downloadables (Desktops or Laptops).
    Web-based (Online) - the program is stored and accessible on the Internet via any of the popular browsers.
    Downloadables (Desktops or Laptops) - traditional download/install software on your computer and work off-line.

DeskTop (LapTop) Versions
Traditional download-install

Web-based (Online) Versions
5-in-1 Integrated Softwares for Small Business

    - You download and install the software on your computer to use off-line.
    - You can purchase a one-time license. No monthly fees.
We encourage you to download and try the free evaluation copy of the program(s) before you make your final decision.
Labels & Barcodes Design SoftwareLabel Mix advanced software for designing and printing labels, postal mailing address labels, CD labels, envelopes, postcards, business cards, badges, signs, barcodes, packing labels, clothing labels - virtually all kinds of labels or cards Includes advanced database manager to create and manage your own database, where you can store and extract data to be used in your labels.

A-Z Contacts Manager

A-Z Contacts Manager is a multi-functional, low-cost software you can use to create and manage your personal/business contacts database, minimize communication costs with ease. A-Z Contacts Manager is unique in that contacts can be individual persons or companies you are doing business with, and you can use the software and your contacts database for personalized e-mail marketing campaign at no additional cost. Everything is compact.
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Business Kit

Business Kit multi-functional software you can use to manage your business information database, plan your daily, weekly, monthly tasks and schedules, categorize business contacts/companies into groups and analyze them by key factors, streamline advertisement budget by trade leads, carry out e-mail marketing campaign with minimal cost and also keep intact many other miscellaneous info. Business Kit combines many features of advanced PIM and miniCRM, but is far less bulky and far less expensive than CRM.
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A-Z Planner

A-Z Planner - simple, low-cost tasks and time management software. Daily, weekly, monthly tasks and schedules planner with graphical illustration, notes and other events reminder.
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FormZilla - Internet browser helper that automatically detects, fills, submits, encrypts and saves web forms with your data for future use. Can also be used as online password/login manager and multi-search engines organizer. FormZilla easily handles Web forms such as login forms, business bulletin board forms, forums, feedback forms, shopping cart forms and millions of other boring forms you can see everyday on web pages.
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    - OPTION_1: Purchase a one-time license, download the scripts, install them on your server and use. No monthly fees. You will be responsible for all maintenance, hosting and day-to-day administration.
    - OPTION_2: Pay as you use, monthly. Register a FREE account on our server. All maintenance, hosting and administration issues are handled by us.

Task & Schedule Planner

    Feature * Advanced Task and Schedule Manager

    Feature * To-do-list, Sticky Notes

    Feature * Full Calendar

    Feature * Task-date-time Graphical Illustrations

    Feature * Event Auto-reminder via E-mail

    Feature * Customizable Task Categories

Contact Manager

    Feature * Personal/Business Database

    Feature * Contact Full Information

    Feature * Unlimited Custom Fields

    Feature * Contact Photo

    Feature * Birthday Anniversary Reminders

    Feature * Custom Contact Groups and Categories

    Feature * Optional Web forms for Contact Data Submission from Your Website

Mailing List Manager

    Feature * Mailing List Manager with Auto responders

    Feature * E-Mail marketing tool

    Feature * Powerful built-in newsletter system

    Feature * Customizable Opt-In, Opt-Out Subscription web forms


Website Promotion Tools

    Feature * Automated Link Exchange Snippet for your Website

    Feature * Create Link Exchange Forms to Receive Permanent Web Links

    Feature * Automated Link Validation and Submission to your Database

    Feature * Monitor Links on Remote Websites with CronJobs

    Feature * Increased Website Search Engine Ranking

    Feature * Drive More Visitors to your Website

Whole Package (Task & Schedule Planner + Contact Manager + Mailing List Manager + Archives + Website Promotion Tools)
Note: ALL for just $24/month
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Task & Schedule Planner

Contact Manager

Mailing List Manager

Web Forms

Links Monitor

Event Scheduler
Task manager and tracker aimed at individuals who need to track their time and schedules, but find existing software solutions overly complex or too lightweight. Task & Schedule Planner allows you to manage yearly, monthly, weekly and daily tasks based on their frequency of occurrence. With Task & Schedule Planner you start managing your time instead of your time managing you.
Contact Manager
Contact Manager helps you connect and stay in touch with customers (and potential customers), track and manage data. You can create unlimited groups(categories) under which to store/manage your contact information, you can also use Contact Manager to create web forms for your website for future contacts to submit information directly into your account database.
Mailing List Manager
Looking for a software that creates customer and/or personal mailing lists? Do you want to email newsletters to a whole bunch of people?
Automated email signup and unsubscribe handling via web forms?
Autoresponder, follow up emails for new subscribers? Statistics?
Mailing List Manager is the answer.
Online Web Forms
WebForms simplify the process of capturing visitors’ or users information from your website into your contact database. Our WebForms can be used for:
1. Capturing data (visitors) information
2. Communicating with website visitors
3. Conducting surveys
4. Responding to user queries
5. Online Feedback
Reciprocal Links Manager
Search engines rank a website by the amout of links pointing to the website on the internet. Now you can turn your website into link-building machine and get highly ranked in search engines and, as a result, drive more visitors to your website fast. From reciprocal link exchange validation, analyses, confirmation, display, storage to sending notifications, Links Monitor does it all!

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