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Since 2006 at JOSYTAL we have been building information management software. Our software are productivity enhancement tools that can be used by companies, individuals for personal and/or business needs. JosytalSoft specializes in developing software and services for Home and Business. Most of our products use/process database in one one form or the other and can be grouped into four aspects:

  • Stand-alone downloadables for desktops. Download, install and use on your computer off-line. You do not need connection to internet in order to use.
  • Stand-alone Web-based (or Online) installables. Download, install on your web server and use online. You do need connection to internet in order to use.
  • Web-based (or Online) as SaaS. Software is offered as services, hosted on our secure web server. You register a free account and use when you need it. You need connection to internet in order to use.
  • Outsourcing. We can develop software products exclusively tailored to your specific demands upon request.

As at the time of compiling this document, we offer the following products/services:

Stand-alone downloadables software for desktops Downloable

  • A-Z Planner
    Simple, low-cost time management software, that helps you to plan your daily, weekly, monthly tasks and schedules, to-do-list etc. Also comes with miscellaneous notes and events organizer, audio-visual reminder and alarm. More
  • A-Z Contacts Manager
    Contacts database manager that helps you keep your contacts information handy by categroies and up to date, minimize your communication cost, compose and send bulk emails with attachments. Latest version now includes: Contacts Mailing Address Label Designer, Employee Badges Designer with Printout facilities. More
  • Business Kit
    Your best bet for organizing practically all kinds of information including but not limited to: your tasks and schedules, business/personal contacts database, all kinds of notes and events, also can be used for personalized email marketing campaign. More
  • LabelMix
    Complete low-cost solution to business labeling and barcode needs. Mailing address labels, CD labels, envelope return addresses, postcards, workers' badges, signs, price tags, product labels, clothing labels, packing labels, shipping labels, stickers, tickets, posters, forms, business cards - virtually all kinds of labels or Barcodes. More

Web-based software stand-alone, installable or SaaS Web-based software

  • A-Z WebForms Wizard
    Automatically generate all type of webforms for your websites: Subscription forms, Contact Us forms, Feedback forms, Technical Support forms and many more. All in 3 simple steps. No programming knowledge needed. More
  • Josytal Small Business Tools
    Collection of Web-based versions of our software for Managing Tasks, Contacts database, Mailing Address Labels, Mailing List, Newsletters, Webforms etc. Josytal Small Business Tools bundles together 6 seperate software in order to keep everything compact and tidy in a single online work station. More
  • EximStat
    Indispensible marketing tools for Importers, Exporters, Brokers, Shippers, Consultants and anyone engaged in internatioal trade. EximStat extracts, analyses historical import-export data of 5 different countries and renders report in easy-to-digest format for taking guided decision on international trade marketing strategy. More