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FormZilla - Online Formfiller and Password manager, License manager, Search engines Organier. Click to view screnshots
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  • Have you ever forgotten your online passwords and login data?
  • Are you tired of entering username and password for EVERY password protected website you visit?
  • What about those long web forms with numerous fields to fill each time?
  • And how many times have you forgotten your software licenses, Serial Numbers, Registration data, Activation codes, License Renewal dates? 
FormZilla is the solution:
  • FormZilla encrypts your personal data
  • FormZilla saves the data for future use
  • FormZilla fills forms with your data
  • FormZilla submits the forms (e-mail accounts login forms, business bulletin board forms, forums, feedback forms, shopping cart forms and millions of other boring forms you can see everyday on web pages) 
  • FormZilla keeps your Software Licenses, Serial Numbers, Registration data, Activation codes, License Renewal dates in neat and tidy database
FormZilla comprises of 4 powerful features:
1. FormZilla as a form filler
2, FormZilla as password manager
3. FormZilla as license organizer
4. FormZilla as Internet search engines organizer
1. FormZilla as a form filler
Advanced form detection mechanism
  • FormZilla recognizes websites and their forms automatically (even if they numbered several millions!), remembers each of them and will pick exactly the appropriate one from the list in order to AutoFill and AutoSubmit, saving you valuable time and headaches online
  • No need for keeping several profiles. FormZilla uses just 1 profile to autofill tens and thousands of web forms
  • You fill in only once your Profile Data, save it and then use it to fill any web forms
Online data security watchdog
  • Strong barrier against online Identity theft 
  • On every occasion, FormZilla will Encrypt your personal data/Identity before saving it on your disk or any other removable device for future use
please take a while to read about how FormZilla handles privacy and security issues - online and offline
Audio and pop-up alert for detected forms
  • Surf internet with pleasure, you can  simultaneously open as many instance of your browsers as possible (10, 20, 30 etc). Where and when there is a form to fill, FormZilla will pick the exact browser window and "blow its whistle" to inform you. Built-in pop-up alert and play of melody are possible options
Flexible data storage device system to keep form data files 
  • FormZilla supports removable storage device. If for any reasons you nurse  doubts about the security of your forms data and other personal information on your hard disk, then you can customize FormZilla such that your data be kept on a removable storage device drive, USB (flash drive) for example 
2. FormZilla as password manager
Complex logon information manager
  • Enables you to use long, hard-to-guess login/password combinations, because you do not need to memorize anything. FormZilla does
Risk-free password organizer
  • By using FormZilla you can have ONE password that lets you safely logon to any of your web accounts with just 1 click!
  • You will NEVER have to type UserID and Password again, therefore reducing the risk of your password being stolen by online keyboard loggers and malicious viruses!
Password encryption technology
  • FormZilla's data encryption features will also encrypt your password before saving it to disk for future use.
  • Nobody can decipher your login/password combinations after encryption. Only FormZilla can understand the special characters, decode and use them to fill forms
3. FormZilla as license organizer
License Keeper
  • Helps to keep your Software licenses, Serial Numbers, Registration data, Activation codes etc. in tidy and safe database. Software name, publisher, version, download link, registration data and other vital information can be stored and managed more effectively. Get the info when you need it most - after system upgrade, software re-installation etc.
License renewal reminder
  • You can set FormZilla's built-in reminder with pop-up alert system to remind you about license renewal dates, upgrades, extension services etc. Most useful when you have subscribed to a renewable software licensing scheme - online or offline
4. FormZilla as Internet search engines organizer
Multi search engines organizer 
  • Effective tool to navigate through ALL major internet search engines with a single click:  Yahoo, Google, AltaVista, MSN, ZD Net, Ask and many more...
  • You can also add your favorite search engines to the database
Search History Editor
  • Helps you to manage your favorite internet search sites, search history and phrases more effectively. All your encounters with search engines  are date-time stamped and saved to the database for future references 
Miscellaneous Features
Off-line Program access right authentication
  • Off-line, you can password-protect FormZilla, such that each time you (or someone else) attempt to launch FormZilla they will be prompted to enter your pre-defined password in order to run the program. This ensures no unauthorized person gains access to your data
Recommendations: if you share a computer with several users or you are in a network, then it is recommended you turn on program access authentication option.
Minimum configuration and system requirements
  • You do not need to buy expensive hardware to use FormZilla. FormZilla is fine-tuned, optimized and will perform relatively well even on computers with Pentium 100 processor or Windows 95 operating system! 
  • No additional drivers to install or upgrade. If and where required,  FormZilla installation module will do everything necessary on the fly
User-friendly interface with customizable options
  • You can perfectly adapt FormZilla to your taste, modifying its alarm sounds, the look, colors of most elements, pop-up reminder windows, making things more friendly and to match your individual preferences
  • FormZilla does not take much space on your screen. You can adjust and resize the main widow to as small as your thumbnail, drag-and-drop it to the most convenient  corner of your screen
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • We maintain 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Policy as stipulated in our software terms of use -  so if you have  made a purchase in error, you can always cancel your purchase and get a refund 
Software free updates for registered users
  • Ensures you always have the most current release of purchased product 

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  • AutoDects, AutoFills, AutoEncrypts, AutoSaves, AutoSubmits  web forms
  • Fill forms only once, save and then use autofill next time. As many times as necessary
  • Minimize risk of password theft by keyboard loggers, jackers and malicious viruses. No keyboard typing, no "try again", "forgot your password?", "wrong password" nonsense. Just click to fill and/or submit form.
  • Editable database of your personal information with data encryption capability for every website and saved data
  • Customizable audio and/or pop-up alert with offer to Autofill and/or Autosubmit each time you navigate to site where there is form to fill
  • Software license organizer: software licenses, Serial Numbers, Registration data, Activation codes keeper with License Renewal dates  reminder
  • Built-in,  ready-to-use Internet search engines organizer to add and manage your favorite search sites and search phrases
  • Database backup option to guard against data loss or file corruption
  • Program access security option and data encryption capability to protect your data from theft, and your privacy from intrusion
  • Ready-to-use solutions with detailed help documentation and examples
  • Minimum configuration and system requirements
  • Self-explanatory, user-friendly interface with customizable options for your individual preferences


  • Intel Pentium 166 MHz or higher 
  • All versions of Microsoft Windows, including 98, 2000, XP, Vista
  • 128 Mb RAM
  • 10 MB free hard disk space
  • SVGA or higher resolution monitor
  • Recommended screen resolution: 1024 x 768, Color depth: 256 colors
  • Mouse or other pointing device
  • Microsoft  Internet Explorer browser (for form filler), any browser (for license and search engines organizers)


/Major Updates and Fixes. 
Sept 01, 2010/

- Added license management features for managing software licenses using database

- License renewal feature with reminder

- Major tweaks and optimizations

/Major Updates and Fixes. 
May 10, 2009/

- Added silent web forms detector that scans and lists active web pages containing forms

- Added alias form fields recognition functions

- Fixed timer and pop-up alert bugs

- Added function for exporting Profile data to plain text file for references

- Custom fields increased from 10 to 20

- Updated Windows Vista detection routines

- Fixed bug in data backup folder detection

- Added additional error checking routines

- Minor display problem fixes

- Minor tweaks and optimizations


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